From Bondage to Freedom Prison Ministry - John 8:36  Whom the Son set Free he is Free Indeed
                Women  In Transition 
                      Since 2009
Women in Transition is a Christ centered mission designed to provide hope and restoration through a community of providers who serve women and their families once they have been released back into society in our local area. 
Our focus is to provide support for those who are making every effort to break the cycle of dependency, recidivism and addictions. Our holistic approach is to provide essential tools to help rebuild, reshape and restore newly release women back to God, family and their community.

  While the need for faith throughout this process of lifestyle changes is essential.. the need for spiritual guidance after prison is also essential. Transitioning back into society can be very overwhelming to say the least, but to have the support of mentors and re-entry tools in place to help face these challenges, will provide hope for a successful re-entry back into society. 

 Our immediate support will provide items that will give a much needed start. With items such as: 
  • Identification Cards
  •  Birth Certificates
  • Bus Passes
  •  Toiletries, Undergarments, clothes and shoes.
  •   Food and household needs 
  •   Help with parole fees if needed (for up to 90 days). 

  Thank you for your gift of any amount to From Bondage to Freedom Prison Ministry, it will help us to continue to touch the lives of newly released men and women as they try to rebuild, reshape and restore their lives back to God, Family and Communities .  

  Thank you,
Daryl and Denise Joiner


All Donations are Tax Deductible and used for the purpose that it was intended.

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