From Bondage to Freedom Prison Ministry - John 8:36  Whom the Son set Free he is Free Indeed

"Setting the Captive Free"

       The Ministry of Reconciliation

 Although statistics  show that the number of incarcerated men and women have decline, there are still a staggering number of those who have been released back into society on probation, parole or under some form of correctional supervision. With a staggering number  being released to the N. Texas area each day, there is no productive plan for re-entry to stop the cycle of recidivism. Support is limited  for re-entry. This information speaks loud volumes to our communities and provide very little hope for change. 

There are a number of men and women being released back into society with a extensive history of drug abuse, mental health issues and a wide spread of criminal behaviors and these circumstances makes it very hard to obtain any type of employment or stable housing, therefore they are misplaced back into society viewed; as part of our homeless population.
It takes millions of tax payers dollars to provide daily housing, meals and other necessities for those who are behind the walls of steel, and for some, prison or jail is like a place of safety, to avoid the war zone of life on the streets that threaten their very lives.  

 As a volunteer in prison ministry for 26 years, I am reminded of the famous quote that I have heard  from so many men and women behind the walls of steel.

The outcry to be free from the bondage of addictions and criminal behaviors is loud for some men and women;families have been destroyed and hurt, children are separated from their mother or father and grandparents have taken on the responsibility as parents. This dysfunctional cycle has been going on for many years, and it is a cycle that will continue." But, freedom can only come through faith and a transformed life in Christ Jesus."

The Ministry of Reconciliation
In light of all the information above, "truly, truly, I say to you, there is hope," and the mission of From Bondage to Freedom Prison Ministry is to share the message of hope through the saving grace of Jesus Christ and the living word of God. Our mission and vision is to reconcile men and women back to God, Family and Communities. 

 Daryl and Denise Joiner

From Bondage to Freedom Prison Ministry
P.O Box 560651
Dallas, Texas 75356

John 8:36 Who the Son set free, he is free indeed.


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